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Caz Art was founded in early 2020 by Cara, a digital illustrator based in London, UK, and is all about Spirituality and how that can make you feel / what it can look like through art.


From Tarot Cards to Astrology Chart Goddesses, Caz Art is full of uplifting, beautiful and meaningful pieces, available as prints, stickers, cards and hand-dyed t-shirts. Not only can the art work resinate with you, but you can also have a custom piece done! Whether that be your own Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Astrology Goddess carefully illustrated with your personal elements, a custom Tarot Card piece whether it be a portrait of you and your partner as The Lovers Tarot, or a portrait of yourself as The Sun, the options are endless.  


By Caz Art also offers design services for businesses and corporate use, so please get in touch for more information.

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