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Strawberry Full Moon Goddess

Strawberry Full Moon Goddess


Also known as the Blooming Moon or Birth Moon, this Full Moon is the last of Spring or the first of Summer. The name “Strawberry Moon” symbolises the ripening of June-bearing strawberries and other summer berries🌸

This Full Moon falls in Capricorn and this Lunation is all about results. You may receive an outcome or results that you’ve been working for, or if you don’t receive good news, this Full Moon is a potent time to ask for it. Meditate on your worth and use Capricorn’s energy to ask for what you are looking for and deserve. As Capricorn is an Earth sign, this Strawberry Moon is perfect for planting roots; this could be settling into a new relationship, or accepting a new job offer✨

This Moon shines close to the King planet Jupiter all night long. If you pay close attention to the sky, on the Full Moon’s right side you will see a bright ‘star’, this is Jupiter! Jupiter symbolises growth, healing, good fortune, expansion, prosperity and miracles, complimenting the elements of Capricorn well, enhancing its abilities🌕

We are now in Cancer season, bringing a mood of tenderness. Cancer is the Latin work for crab, they are known for their warm, friendly-oriented hearts and protective exteriors. As you come out of your shell this summer, make sure you are kind and loving to yourself🌞

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